Write Your Christmas Romance in July!

Course Opens June 20, 2024!

All prerecorded course videos and materials are immediately available

But wait! There’s more!

Join me for three live, hour-long group help sessions! 

9am PST / 12pm EST

  • Sunday, June 23
  • Sunday, June 30 
  • Sunday, July 7

These sessions will be recorded if you can’t attend live. 

But wait! That’s not all!

Course Members Receive

  • Trope Thesaurus Romance digital (value: $9.99)
  • Trope Thesaurus Romance Workbook PDF (value: $25)
  • 6 Christmas Romance craft/ marketing PDFs (value: $175)


  • Private Facebook group for sharing and support (value: $500)
  • Three live group sessions (value $600)
  • Total Course Value: $1,250.99

Ever Wanted to Write a Christmas Romance?

All Romance Subgenres Welcome!

Write Your Christmas Romance In July with me!

Course opens June 20th, 2024

Why do I love writing my Christmas Romances in July?

For me, writing in summer is much better than the actual holiday season.

It's all the fun without all the stress and obligations (and if you live in my part of the world, multiple sweaters.)

But we're all busy authors with deadlines competing with outside life. So, let's make it easier on ourselves by getting that Christmas romance done now!

Using techniques from The Trope Thesaurus series, we'll learn how to recognize tropes, apply them and make our readers fall in instalove with our Christmas stories.

We'll discuss specific romance genres and their must-have elements (ie, conventions).

We'll talk about what makes a romance a holiday story---hint: it's not just adding snow.

We'll have three live meetings to share ideas and brainstorm and troubleshoot. These are always super fun:)

And finally, we'll come away with a righteous feeling of getting some serious work done before the holiday season.

Join me as we Write Our Christmas Romance in July!

Welcome to Trope Talk!

Jennifer Hilt is a USA Today Bestselling author who has worked as a plotter and concept creator. She has written twenty four books across four pen names as well as her urban fantasy series: The Undead Detective under her own name. She is also the author of The Trope Thesaurus series.

She is a frequent podcast guest and teaches in workshops and conferences across the US. She lives in Seattle where she collects dictionaries in unfamiliar languages, binges Scandi-Noir series, and shouts out tropes from the comfort of her couch.


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